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New antistatic hose series from Masterduct

Masterduct will present its extensive line of 100 percent PUR antistatic hoses at IWF 2016.

“Static build-up is a particular concern in hoses that carry abrasive wood dust and chips, with a potentially explosive environment. In a dust collection system, the sparks caused by static build-up can be disastrous,” the company said in a statement.

“In addition to [our] Master-PUR F hose series, Masterduct introduces the new and improved Master-PUR X hose series. Featuring a smoother inside, the Master-PUR X hoses continue to combine the three most important features into one hose: Antistatic, Food Grade, and Flame-Resistant.

“Manufactured using a one-step, extruded process, the Master-PUR X hoses are more robust than our competitors’ hoses, providing up to 30 percent more wear life. All of these features combined create the most versatile, cost effective, abrasive resistant flexible hose on the market. With three different hose wall thicknesses to choose from, Masterduct has a solution to fit all of your dust collection needs.”

For more, visit IWF booth No. 8162 and

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