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Murphy beds just got easier to adjust


Celebrating 30 years in the wall bed industry, CAB Inc. is introducing the Create-A-Bed adjustable Murphy bed mechanism.

The mechanism can be adjusted after a bed has been installed without changing hardware locations, adding bulky, old-fashioned springs or changing gas springs, according to the company.

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“Because living space is becoming smaller and more expensive while the need for home offices and multi-purpose rooms is increasing, Murphy beds have never been more popular and in demand. They are found in hotels, condos, fire stations, apartments, and houses of all sizes. People love Murphy beds because they provide a comfortable bed anywhere they need one, then disappear when their guests do, freeing up valuable living space,” the company said in a statement.

“Until now, adjusting an old-fashioned spring-lift Murphy bed that was too heavy or light meant taking the Murphy bed apart in order to add or remove one or more bulky, hazardous metal springs. It’s one of the many reasons why professional Murphy bed manufacturers and their customers, as well as jet airplane and luxury automobile manufacturers, prefer state-of-the-art gas springs instead of metal springs.”

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