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Mozaik Version 4.0 has arrived

Mozaik Software released Version 4.0 of its design-to-manufacture software.

Mozaik customers can now quickly create designs with curved walls, use the new Quick Island option to add specialty configurations like four-sided and hockey stick islands in seconds, rotate cabinets into any corner, create equalized openings on the exterior or interior of any cabinet, use new enhanced measuring tools, display architectural door swings and more, according to the company.

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All Mozaik products are fully compatible with PCs and tablets running the Windows operating system.

“Setup Mozaik’s exclusive Combo Joinery to match your shop specifications exactly; from blind dados, to dowels, to screws, to KD fasteners, the fully parametric construction settings are easily modified to meet your needs,” the company said in a release.

“Mozaik generates accurate cutting lists, detailed shop drawings, customer renderings, 100% machine ready G-Code for flat table CNC routers, estimating, job costing, part and product labeling and more. Mozaik will save you time, improve your customer presentations, dramatically improve your shop accuracy, and most importantly - the software will save you money. All Mozaik products are subscription based which eliminates all upfront costs. Just one affordable monthly payment includes the software license, online support services, access to our customer forums, our stock post processors for your CNC router, and all the software updates.”

These new features and all updates are provided free of charge to all current Mozaik customers.

Version 4 also offers a link to integrate Mozaik with the new Mozaik Paperless Shop Apps to seamlessly communicate all your cutting and assembly information from the office to the shop.

For information, visit AWFS booth No. 8314 and

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