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Leitz makes the final cut in IWF Challengers Award competition

Leitz DFC dust extraction hoods advanced to the finalist round of the IWF Challengers Award competition, a biennial contest recognizing industry innovation.

For years, Leitz has offered an advanced line of dust flow control (DFC) tools to help increase tooling life, but the company realized the greatest results could only be achieved with a full line of specialized dust extraction hoods. Now the industry is recognizing the importance of this advancement as well, the company says.

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Leitz DFC hoods quickly and efficiently extract 98 percent of the chips and dust, while returning clean air back into the working environment. The net result is a cleaner workplace, significantly improved tool life (more than 30 to 40 percent), enhanced machine and employee productivity and reduced processing costs, according to the company.

Leitz DFC dust extraction hoods were one of more than 60 preliminary entries in the Challengers Award competition. The seven winners will be announced on the opening day of the IWF.

For information, visit and Booth No. 5553 at IWF.

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