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Leitz and Holz-Her team up

By combining machinery with expertise in tooling and engineering, Holz-Her and Leitz share a finalist entry in the IWF Challengers Award competition.

The MultiTool/QuattroForm cutterhead system combines Leit tooling with Holz-Her’s innovative tool body gear system, allowing multiple edgebanding profiles to be machined by a single tool.

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“The profile is selected at the machine control, and the changeover is completed in seconds. Numerically-controlled servos assure 100 percent accuracy and repeatability,” Leitz said in a statement.

“The new QuattroForm system will help manufacturers meet the demands of mass customization and short-run production.”

For more, visit Leitz at IWF booth No. 5429 and Holz-Her, a company of the Weinig Group, at booth Nos. 6034 and 6035. Web sites:;

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