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Kern will present laser micro manufacturing

Kern Lasers will feature its HSE micro laser machining system at IWF, featuring a precision motion package and high-speed servo motors.

These turnkey machines are sold with a chilling unit, vacuum system, computer, monitor, and all the software needed to operate the machine. The HSE machine can cut or engrave acrylic, foam, wood, and metal, among other materials, according to the company.

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“The HSE model from Kern features a very small beam kerf making it the perfect tool for precise laser manufacturing. Consistent cut widths of .004” can be achieved over our full 4’ x 8’ work areas,” sales representative Eric Johnson said in a statement. “Kern has designed a commanding system that will be part of ones business for decades to come. High quality machining is achieved through combining a high acceleration motion table with today’s latest software technology.”

For information, visit and Booth No. 7228 at IWF.

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