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Kern will feature HSE Laser System

Kern Lasers will be exhibiting its flagship HSE Laser System at IWF, capable of cutting a variety of materials at up to 10” per second, and engraving at 150” per second.

“Woods such as oak, birch, maple and basswood are easily cut with a Kern laser system,” the company said in a statement. “Cutting of many timber species up to 1" thick is possible with Kern's larger wattage lasers. Furniture, picture frames and wood inlays are just a few products that can be economically manufactured with a Kern CO2 laser system. When cutting full sheets of wood the small beam kerf of the laser results in high yields and low material waste.

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“Kern is well-known in the laser industry for providing the most detailed 3-D laser engraving system in the world. Kern's laser engraving systems will create highly customized products by adding logos, text and images. 2-D engravings look just as stunning and take considerably less time to complete. Digital pictures, scanned photographs and clip art are a few file types that will 2-D engrave very well. Competing laser systems on the market simply cannot achieve the level of detail a Kern laser system has to offer.”

For information, visit IWF booth No. 4723 and

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