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Hoffmann features solid-wood edge press machines

Hoffmann USA will feature the Mobil 2500 and 3000 solid-wood edge press machines at IWF 2014.

Offered with 8’ and 10’ working lengths, the press is designed to quickly and accurately attach up to 2” wide wood edges to particleboard, MDF, plywood and other panels, according to the company.

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Using standard PVA woodworking glue, the machine uses a combination of heat and pneumatic pressure to create a strong glue bond in just minutes. An adjustable stop positions the edge stock and assures perfectly aligned mitered corners.

The heavy-duty press features a welded steel frame, two heating elements, individual pneumatic controls and swivel casters for maneuverability, the company says.

For a demonstration, visit Booth 6556 at IWF 2014.

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