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Hettich presents next-generation Sensys hinges

Hettich added new functions to its range of Sensys fast-assembly hinges.

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It’s now available with the following features as described by the hardware manufacturer:

Sensys with integrated Silent System

Offers furniture door closure from the unusually wide angle of 35 degrees and an even, gentle closing action is guaranteed in the temperature range from 5 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Sensys wide angle hinge

Providing an opening angle of 165 degrees, hinge gives furniture doors a wide opening angle and closes them evenly and gently. Zero-protrusion hinges make it possible to fit internal drawers without spacer profiles, preventing trapped fingers no matter what position the door is in.

Sensys thick door hinge

Hinges face a challenge from the movement cycles typical of profile doors and doors made of very thick material. Fitted with the new Sensysthick door hinge even thick furniture doors close smoothly, gently and silently, accommodating the trend towards narrowing the gap between chunky doors.

Sensys without self closing feature

The Sensys hinge is available without self closing feature for the push to open function on handleless fronts.

For information, CLICK HERE and visit AWFS booth No. 4950.

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