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Giben is CNC finalist for Challengers’ Award

The new Giben by Anderson model GS CNC router is designed to outproduce conventional routers by as much as a 100 percent margin, therefore doubling the output. How? It’s all in the moves, according to the IWF exhibitor.

The router is a finalist for an IWF 2016 Challengers’ Award.

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“With speed and precision, the new GS CNC router bridges the gap between nesting on a conventional router and cutting books of panels on a beam saw,” the company said in a statement. “It offers the best of both worlds. With an average nest time of around half that of a standard router, it can produce nearly double the output of a conventional machine.

“It’s driven by technology, not magic. A linear motor is much like a rotary motor, but unrolled into a linear configuration. It offers the benefits of contact free, magnetic drive that can react quicker, reach higher accelerations and ultimately, reach much higher speeds with no mechanical strain or tension. The new model GS offers linear motor technology on both X and Y axis for incredible speeds for both positioning and machining. This innovative approach drastically reduces cycle times for both drilling and routing alike.

“Drilling, which can consume more time than the actual nesting of the parts, is greatly improved by emulating movement of a point to point CNC drill rather than a CNC router. Special Andi-Drill speed logic ensures vertical Z axis stroke movements are coordinated with X and Y axis movement to provide no wasted time between panel exit and repositioning. Routing cycles benefit from the same technical advantages as the faster movements and accelerations greatly reduce the overall process time. Net result is the possibility to cut through more panels, faster, with a better edge quality.”

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