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Find decorative laminates at Royalé Touché

Royalé Touché, a luxury laminate brand from Crown Laminates in India, will feature a wide range of its product at this years show including compact laminates suitable for toilet cubicles, lockers, wall partitions, office worktops, interior wall claddings, school benches and much more.

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“Royalé Touché offer decorative laminates in more than 600 designs and 50 surface finishes,” the company said in a statement. “This is available under various ranges such as iMark self-synchronized laminates, vintage collection laminates having antique/rustic look and Crystal Higloss kitchen laminates.

“Royalé Touché also offers exterior-grade laminates which can be used for building facades, cladding, balconies, verandas, fences as well as for decking application with anti-slippery/anti-skid surface.”

For more, visit AWFS booth No. 9960 and

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