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Exchange July 2011

Teachers can be students at AWFS fair

The Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers, a strong supporter of industry education, has created a special teacher track at next week’s AWFS fair.

Four sessions in the College of Woodworking Knowledge are targeted specifically to the needs of teachers in wood manufacturing technology programs.

They include:

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Thursday, July 21

“Cutting Tool Applications,” led by Mike Serwa of Vortex Tool Co., which will cover a variety of cutting tools for both CNC and manual operations.

Friday, July 22

“Teaching Frameless Cabinetry,” taught by Bob Buckley, author of “True32 Flow Manufacturing” and owner of True32Custom Cabinetry. Buckley will delve into field measuring, sales, design, engineering, machining, assembly, finishing and installation of full-access cabinetry using the 32mm system, and will relate these topics to the realities of making a living working in the industry.

“Software Technology for Educators” will provide a contemporary perspective on machine software, with representatives from Planit and Microvellum providing demonstrations of their latest offerings.

Saturday, July 23

“Using Industry Standards as Teaching Guides,” a panel discussion presented by the Woodwork Career Alliance.

The teacher track sessions are open to general attendees except for the Friday software session. Plant supervisors or business owners who can benefit from the other three topics are welcome to sign up for the other courses.

AWFS offers an Educational Institute Membership, which allows teachers to attend the teacher track seminars — as well as any of the regular seminars — for free. For information, visit or call 323-215-0311. For other show activities that might appeal to educators, visit the show website at

Teachers can be students at AWFS fair

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