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Elias adds to manufacturing capabilities

Elias Woodwork expanded its facilities to accommodate production of the company’s rigid thermofoil, laminate and acrylic products.

"In our ongoing search to help the independent cabinetmakers of North America be the industry leaders in design, function, and ultimately profitability, it became apparent that with the advent of a myriad of new technically and texturally advanced rigid thermofoils, high-pressure laminates, decorative laminate veneers, and high-gloss acrylics, the cabinet door that used to be relegated to the low value cabinet renovation and construction segment now has the potential to become a real upscale design leader,” operations manager Ralph Fehr said in a statement.

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“For this reason, we felt it was imperative that we invest in improved technology, space, and expertise and reinforce our position in this arena. A ‘smart pod’ press with automated unloading, five CNC routers, laser edge banding equipment, and various ancillary equipment has now been added, along with another 30,000 square feet and about 20 employees, to enhance these product offerings.”

For information, visit IWF booth No. 2617 and

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