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DynaGlide Plus set to be featured at Micro Fence booth

Micro Fence, a manufacturer of precision router-based accessories and catalog supplier of cutting tools and woodworking needs, will present the new DynaGlide Plus with HD4X, a tri-boundary dry lubricant and cleaning conditioner, at IWF 2014.

“Dynaglide is recommended and sold with our tools to maximize their smooth operation,” the company said in a statement. “We've found this new formula to be uniquely suited to woodworking requirements. It virtually eliminates drag, prevents rust on metal surfaces and enhances performance of machinery and hand tools alike.

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“Dynaglide dramatically reduces resin buildup and much less time is consumed when occasional cleaning is required. Simply re-apply Dynaglide and wipe clean to remove the resin build ups. The dry film will not allow dust and debris to accumulate. The non-silicon, non-Teflon film is trouble free, no contamination or gumming, Drag is reduced, providing cleaner sustained material cuts. Abrasive marks/cuts are reduced by the equivalent of up to a full grit size.”

For information, visit Micro Fence at IWF Booth No. 5024.

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