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Drillnado captures dust at the drill press

AWFS exhibitor Drillnado announced the launch of its patent-pending dust collection product for the drill press.

The product, called the Drillnado, surrounds the drill chuck and bit, collecting about 98 percent of wood dust and debris, according to a company study.

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“Dust collection is a huge issue in the shop,” the company said in a statement. “Wood dust is a known carcinogen. Exposure to wood dust has been associated with dermatitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis and cancer. In addition, excess wood debris creates a mess of a shop. Most stationary woodworking shop tools and many handheld power tools have had built in dust collection, but not the drill press. Until now!

“Drillnado works on most drill presses, from floor models to small benchtops. Because Drillnado surrounds the drill chuck and drill bit, it collects nearly all of the drilling dust and debris. Because its housing is expandable (and collapsible) and sustains the desired length, you can position the vacuum opening directly above the point of the drill bit where the dust is created.”

Drillnado will be demonstrated at AWFS booth No. 10150.

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