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‘Destroy Responsibly’ program returns

Weima America, a manufacturer of shredders and briquette presses, announced the Destroy Responsibly program is continuing at the 2017 AWFS fair.

“With the housing market on the rise, so is the need for wood waste processing in wood shops of all sizes. Reincorporating or recycling this wood scrap is our specialty. We are excited to be returning with a WLK15 single-shaft shredder (shown below) to process all of the wood waste created throughout the show. The shredded material will be donated to University of Nevada Las Vegas through Repurpose America, an organization that reuses unwanted materials,” Weima America marketing manager Audrey Brewer said in a statement.

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“It’s a privilege to come back to each AWFS fair as the official recycling sponsor. This is not something we take lightly. Recycling is the lifeblood of our company, and we enjoy having the opportunity to show so many manufacturers how environmentally friendly and profitable a wood shredder can be within their operations.”

For more, visit Weima America at AWFS booth No. 8929 and

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