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Compass Software gets an assist from Bosch

Good staircase construction software is a must for any staircase builder who wants to manufacture modern and complex stairs. It becomes more and more crucial to work accurately, since a few fractions of an inch can sometimes already make a big difference, according to AWFS exhibitor Compass Software.

“The easiest way to transfer exact measurements to software is by using laser measurement systems, since the manual input of data is tedious and prone to making mistakes. However, such devices can be costly," the company said in a statement.

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“This problem seems to have been solved thanks to the new and affordable Bosch Measurement Tool GLM 100 C. Compass Software Inc. has now integrated the measurement tool into their staircase construction software. The measurement tool can be connected to any Windows computer via Bluetooth.

“Once the device has been connected, it is initialized in the software. Any distance can be measured and automatically transferred to the staircase construction software.

“The process is simple, fast and fail?safe. Even small woodshops will be able to work precisely by using the laser measurement technology from Bosch and Compass Software.”

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