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Castle set to present redesigned pocket/screw machine

Castle is introducing the newest iteration of its Pocket Cutter/Screw Inserter, model CSI-1.5, at IWF.

The machine saves time, reduces waste and eliminates non-value-added labor and screw-handling motion trauma for high-production cabinet joinery, according to the company.

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“By using our patented Screw-in-Pocket (SIP) technology CSI-1.5 cuts Castle’s distinctive screw pocket, drills a low angle pilot hole and inserts a screw below flush in 1.5 seconds,” the company said in a statement.

“The screw placement allows for material stacking without marring adjacent material during transfer. The fit of the screw in the pocket assures it will stay put during transportation. CSI-1.5 seamlessly integrates into operations utilizing One-Piece Flow manufacturing practices. CSI-1.5 provides faster machining and faster production time by eliminating screw handling at assembly.”

For information, visit, call 800-282-8338 and visit Booth No. 7713 at IWF.

CLICK HERE to see a product video.

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