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Busch expands Mink Series product line

The new Mink MV 1202 A from Bush Vacuum Pumps and Systems offers the advantages of the energy-efficient and reliable claw technology are now available for applications requiring high pumping speeds, according to the company.

With a pumping speed of 677 ACFM, the Mink MV 1202 A is now the largest industrial claw vacuum pump made by Busch.

In total, Busch now offers Mink claw vacuum pumps in 11 sizes. The Mink MV 1202 A achieves an ultimate pressure of 150 Torr, making it the ideal vacuum generator in many industrial sectors and fields, according to the company.

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The main areas of application are pneumatic conveying, CNC machines in the woodworking industry and degassing or forming processes in the plastics industry. This newest model can also be used as a module in centralized vacuum systems.

“The sophisticated claw vacuum technology of Mink vacuum pumps allows for less energy consumption while maintaining consistently high performance as compared to traditional vacuum pumps,” the company said in a statement. “Additionally, claw vacuum technology is virtually maintenance free due to its non-contacting design. As a result, wear in the pumping chamber is eliminated, and regular maintenance often needed with other technologies such as inspection and parts replacement, is not necessary for Mink vacuum pumps.

“The non-contacting operation of Mink claw vacuum pumps allows for high operational reliability and long life cycles. Without wear in the pumping chamber, vacuum and suction performance remains consistently high throughout the lifecycle of the pump.”

For information, visit and booth No. 7268 at IWF.

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