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Box on Demand eliminates packaging struggles

The NextMode box-making machine from Box On Demand allows manufacturers to solve common inventory and cost concerns by using corrugated fanfold to produce custom sized boxes for every product, according to the company.

“On demand packaging is ideal for the unique challenges faced by woodworking companies. It allows you to free up excess box inventory while making boxes that fit perfectly around each corner. Since each box is produced just as the item is ready to pack, orders are never delayed due to packaging concerns,” the company said in a statement.

“Corrugated fanfold is priced by the square foot, so setup fees and small quantity charges are a thing of the past. Each box is produced at a consistent per square foot cost, regardless of the size or style. Excess box inventory is replaced by a small footprint of easy-to-stack bales of fanfold, and box obsolescence due to product changes is eliminated.

“Featuring Simulset technology, the NextMode is one of the fastest box making machines available. Our in-line configuration provides the greatest flexibility of board grades available in one machine.”

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