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Bosch offers self-leveling rotary laser kit

With exclusive two-in-one receiver-remote functionality and integrated theft deterrence, the new Bosch Self-Leveling Roatary Laser Kit, model GRL 500 HCK is designed to increase efficiency on the job site while decreasing theft concerns when operating at a distance.

"It just doesn't get any easier than this. Period," product manager Dan Rice said in a statement. "We've raised the bar for even our own measuring tool standards with the introduction of the GRL 500 HCK. Whether construction workers need to align formwork, grade the land for a new street or bridge, or lay out walls or construction sites, the GRL 500 HCK provides an easy user-friendly interface for straightforward operation, increasing productivity and efficiency on the job."

The kit includes the following features, according to Bosch:

Integrated lithium-ion battery: The lithium-ion battery integration of the GRL 500 H Rotary Laser and LR 50 receiver accelerates charging speeds and allows for simultaneous charging of both devices with only one charger.

Two-in-one receiver-remote functionality: The LR 50 is designed with one-of-a-kind technology that allows it to function as a receiver and a remote control. This feature reduces work time by changing what was a two-person job into a task that one person can tackle.

Digital dial-in automatic slope: The LR 50 offers ultimate precision by allowing a user to manually dial in their slope digitally so that the GRL 500 constantly checks and maintains the level.

Center line mode: This time-saving feature removes the manual process of finding the center line. The user can position the LR 50 on the established benchmark, activate the center line mode function, and the GRL 500 will search and place the laser directly on the center of the LR 50.

Calibration reminder: This feature alerts the user to check for potential recalibration of the GRL 500 in case of drop, exceeded runtime or extreme temperature. This indicator helps to provide security, accuracy and confidence in the performance of the laser.

"It's smart and gives our users peace of mind so they can concentrate on the job and not the tool," Rice said.

For information, visit AWFS booth No. 4367 and

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