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Bosch debuts Power Ready wireless charging system

Bosch has a new charging system allowing users to recharge a tool anytime it would otherwise rest idle, eliminating downtime and dead batteries.

“This is a game-changer,” product manager Hagen Dost said in a company statement. “Our new 18-volt wireless charging system eliminates the need for a bin of batteries with a partial charge. Now pros can easily charge their hand-held power tools in between tasks or jobs and not worry about dead batteries. This means increased productivity and increased profits.”

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This power tool advancement is based on the concept of contactless energy transfer, also known as inductive charging. When the charger is plugged in and the compatible battery is placed on it, the charger begins wirelessly transmitting an alternating magnetic field. The battery, featuring an internal copper coil, acts as a receiver. As the alternating magnetic field penetrates the coil, voltage is induced and a charging current flows to the cells until full. Similar to conventional charging, the battery and charger are in constant communication during the charge process to ensure proper charge and a long battery life, the company explained.

“Wireless charging opens a whole new world of convenience,” said Dost. “And the new wireless batteries are compatible with today’s complete Bosch 18-volt power tool offering, so users can start benefitting immediately.”

Each charger also features Foreign Object Detection, which detects when any other object besides the compatible battery is on the charging pad. If sensed, the charger will not turn on until the object is removed. This prevents conductive materials, such as bolts, washers, nails or even metal shavings that might inadvertently fall on the pad from heating up. The process is similar to heating coils on an electric stove.

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