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Bessey introduces the auto-adjust toggle clamp

Long recognized as a productive and cost effective tool style, the ubiquitous toggle clamp has nonetheless suffered from significant limitations. The range of clamping force for each model has always been very narrow (resulting in product proliferation) and, accurate set-up has always been difficult as these clamps have not historically been able to adjust to varying heights on work pieces, leading to inconsistent clamping force application.

Bessey Tools North America is launching two new and extremely versatile toggle clamp styles. There will be two versions of the horizontal toggle clamp and a single version of the push/pull toggle clamp. The special feature of both model styles is the automatic, continuously variable adjustment to different work piece heights and widths; while the clamping force remains virtually unchanged. With a clamp force range of 25-550 lbs, and the auto-adjust feature, one toggle clamp from Bessey can replace a lot of other clamps.

Competitive difference:

1. Enhance productivity with self-adjustment to height variations.

2. Clamp force range of 25–550 lbs (user adjusted pressure screw).

3. Holding capacity of 700 lbs (nominal).

4. Continuous and constant pressure while also self-adjusting to height.

5. Cost savings by replacing a range of competitive clamps with one style.

Bessey has been a market leader in clamps since 1936. If you know clamps, you know Bessey. You know our reputation for quality and reliability; you know we’re 130 years of German engineering backed by the strength of our product and our reputation.

Bessey. Simply better.

For information, e-mail or call 1-800-828-1004.

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