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Benz set to debut Solidfix spindle motor

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German tooling systems expert Benz announced that it will be introducing new aggregate heads including the Benz HF103 Solidfix spindle motor at this year’s IWF.

The motor is sold exclusively by Benz and enables users to change tools quickly using adapters that hold a variety of tools instead of requiring a labor-intensive manual tool change or adding an expensive automatic tool changer. Benz will have the HF103 Solidfix spindle motor on display at booth No. 7544 during the IWF.

The motor is the latest innovation from Benz, which has been the manufacturer of the most widely used drill blocks and aggregates worldwide for more than 40 years. “The Benz HF103 Solidfix spindle motor offers an affordable alternative to an automatic tool changer,” Benz wood division sales manager Bob Barone says. “The operator simply programs a ‘pause’ in the machine routine when it is time for a tool change. The machine software can then tell him what tool to insert in the spindle and he is ready to run again.”

The patented Benz Solidfix modular quick-change system lets the user preset tools for precise, repeatable cuts and change tools in 10 to 20 seconds. It requires no special tools, can be operated with one hand, incorporates both a 180-degree clamp lock and ejection features, and contains no screws to lose.

Instead of traveling to a tool changer rack, the spindle can be programmed to move to a home position where the operator can quickly change tools and resume the routine. It helps reduce set-up time by 90 percent and enables users to produce additional parts every day. Its rigid, compact, balanced design also provides large multi-surface contact with high-torque and high-speed performance.

The HF103 is more flexible than a collet shaft without the added costs and implementation of an automatic tool changer, according to the company. Compared to the typical drawbar spindle motor, the HF103’s brushless motor is practically maintenance-free and includes one ER-32 Solidfix adapter.

Benz, a member of the Zimmer Group, is the technological leader for the production of innovative machining heads for the wood, plastics, composites and metalworking industries. The company manufactures tooling systems in Germany and offers sales and support for the United States and Canada through its subsidiary, Benz, from its Charlotte, N.C., headquarters.

For information about the Benz HF103 Solidfix Spindle Motor, visit or call 704-529-5300.

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