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Benz introduces new creasing tool

Benz Inc. is introducing a new cardboard creasing tool that can be added to the spindle motor of a CNC machine equipped with a C axis.

“Our new creasing tool provides an affordable way to increase the capabilities and productivity of any CNC machine without committing to a major upgrade,” national sales manager of wood, plastics and composites Paul Roza said in a statement. “It’s a specialized type of aggregate head that can be used in the packaging industry or any other business that constructs its own cardboard boxes or packaging.”

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The creasing tool fits into the spindle motor of a CNC machine equipped with a C axis, which enables the unit to be rotated by a CNC program. When flat cardboard is placed on the CNC machine’s router table, the freewheeling aggregate head creases the material, creating folding points in cardboard boxes and packing pieces that can be utilized in the customer’s own in-house box and packaging operations, according to the company.

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