AutoLoader added to TigerSaw 1000 automated optimizing saw

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TigerStop announced the addition of AutoLoader, an automatic infeed station for the TigerSaw 1000, its fully automated crosscutting saw system.

With AutoLoader, an operator can load five pieces at a time, reducing manual material handling time and increasing operator capacity for performing value-added tasks, such as sorting finished parts. Cut parts can be inkjet- or label-printed on the TigerSaw 1000 facilitating fast, accurate and easy part sorting, according to the company.

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The AutoLoader can accommodate material from 4 to 24 feet in length and can be configured with up to seven stations with section lengths in either 3-foot or 6-foot intervals. TigerStop says its TigerSaw 1000 with AutoLoader is priced at about a third of the cost of comparable saw systems with automated infeed stations currently on the market.

“Our new AutoLoader is a powerful labor efficiency tool,” TigerStop CEO Rakesh Sridharan said in a statement. “It will allow TigerSaw 1000 to run at maximum capacity with a single operator, providing significant savings on labor costs.”

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