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Atlantic Machinery has new Vitap boring machine

The Vitap Point Acoustic 1200 boring machine, one of 21 finalists for the IWF Challengers Awards, will be featured at the Atlantic Machinery booth.

The Point Acoustic is a compact CNC machine designed specifically for the manufacturing of acoustic/sound absorbing panels, which represents a growing segment of the wood industry, according to the Atlantic Machiney, Vitap’s exclusive distributor in North America.

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“These panels address noise pollution, which many studies have confirmed to be causing a serious impact in the environment, workplaces, cinemas, theaters, as well as private residences. Drill bits ranging from 0.7 mm to 12 mm in diameter can be utilized for various drilling patterns as required. Patterns can be designed and downloaded from the office computer and stored in memory or loaded directly onto the machine’s computer by the operator.

For information, visit IWF booth No. 6728, and

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