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Angle-cutting saw system for wood and non-ferrous metals

RazorGage announced the availability of its semiautomatic saw system for cutting miter angles on wood and non-ferrous metal materials. The saw system can accept downloadable cut lists that include data for part angles and lengths point-to-point.

“Alternatively, the operator can select a part picture resembling the part he desires to make from the 21-inch touch screen,” the company said. “The on-screen controller will step him through the process to define a part. Once the input is finished, the RazorGage controller will automatically rotate the saw to the correct angle while the linear positioner will automatically push the material to the saw, compensating for the angle and width of the material to produce the desired part. The saw can handle blade diameters up to 600mm for angles down to +/- 20 degrees off the fence.”

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Standard features of the AngleMaster include an adjustable feed rate and cut speed. Adjustable horizontal and vertical pneumatic clamps are used to secure material being cut. Chip collection includes a 4-1/2” port for vacuum extraction plus a drawer under the bottom of the saw. Standard safety features include dual hand operation, automatic hood closure and a safety interlock that will prevent the saw from operating if the safety hood is not closed, according to the company.

RazorGage positioners and saw systems are designed and produced by Technical Services Inc.

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