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Anderson America updates Selexx Plus

Anderson America reengineered and upgraded its Selexx Plus CNC for 2017.

“The Anderson Selexx Plus is an industrial-duty workhorse CNC designed for the demanding user that is also looking for the best value. It is the perfect CNC solution for those that don’t quite require the super high production and extreme speeds provided by our larger Stratos and Exxact models, but do need a high-volume rock solid dependable machine,” the company said in a statement.

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“This model is available in a variety of table sizes, all with standard aggregate capability and an aggregate-ready ride-along tool changer that can eliminate the wear caused by as many as 500 unnecessary rapid traverses per shift. The standard 10 inches of Z is ideal for tall parts, pod work, fixture work, prototyping, or 3-D parts. A standard multi-zone table automatically turns on the correct zones for your different sheet or part sizes. It comes with your choice of eight automatic popup pins or steel popup rails.

“Plus, all Anderson Selexx machines are pre-wired and pre-machined so that an automatic material pusher sweeper device or integrated automatic material conveyor can be added or retrofitted in the field.”

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