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Anderson adds Z-clearance to Stratos Pro

The Anderson Stratos Pro automatic material offload and full line systems are now standard with more than 6-1/2” of under the pusher/sweeper usable Z clearance.

“Now you can do millwork, door, window, or stair parts when your fully automated processing line isn't busy with high-volume panel processing without the excessive changeover times associated with removing and replacing the sweeper device,” the company said in a statement.

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“Without this innovation, machine flexibility is significantly limited. Other pusher designs only allow a minimal amount of under the pusher Z-clearance. Their limited Z-clearance makes the machine unable to accommodate the use of pods, dedicated fixtures, tall parts, aggregates, and a long list of other potentially profitable CNC parts or applications. Any proposed changeover from using the machine for strictly panel processing to using the machine for other more demanding work requires a huge waste valuable production time to remove the pusher and later replace it.”

For information, visit IWF booth No. 6553 and

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