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Accuride introduces the 3160EC Eclipse

With the arrival of Accuride’s new undermount slide, the 3160EC Eclipse, cabinetmakers have the ability to design cabinetry with wide drawers up to 60 inches.

“For years, cabinetmakers have been restricted to building drawers that were less than 60 inches wide. Why? Because there were no commercial-grade drawer slides that could perform flawlessly. As a global movement solution leader, Accuride decided to tackle this issue by developing the 3160EC,” the company said in a statement.


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“To accommodate a 60-inch wide drawer, Accuride’s engineers have developed a Cable System (included) and a Wide Drawer Stabilizer Kit (additional) that enables the 3160EC to support drawers up to 60 inches wide. This unique system allows the 3160EC to stabilize and minimize drawer racking and prevent side-to-side movement. The end result is a full-extension, 100-pound rated slide that delivers robust performance and minimizes deflection for wide drawers up to 60 inches.

“The 3160EC has multiple drawer front-adjustment features on the engagement/disconnect lever. This makes horizontal, vertical, and front-to-back adjustments easier and faster. Plus, in-and-out adjustments up to 3/16" can be done without removing the drawer.”

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