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Woodshop News presents  Woodworkers Showcase

Tod Riggio

Tod Riggio

For over 30 years, Woodshop News has been a trusted source for small- to medium-sized shops. It’s a responsibility we take quite seriously. We’ve taken you to successful shops across America, introduced you to new tools and techniques, and provided expert advice.

I’ve been with the magazine for 20 years and know a thing or two about your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. You’re terrific at design and craftsmanship, but not always so keen on the business of woodworking. We’ve dragged some of you into the world of digital fabrication. Marketing remains one of you biggest challenges. If only there was a way we could actually help you sell your work. And not just with words.

It’s a new website for furniture, cabinet and architectural millwork shops to market and sell their work to lots of people with lots of money.

Well, we’ve come up with something that we’re pretty excited about. Introducing Woodworkers Showcase, a new website for furniture, cabinet and architectural millwork shops to market and sell their work to lots of people with lots of money.

The site has a built-in audience of Active Interest Media (AIM) readers. What’s AIM? It is the publisher of Woodshop News and one of the world’s largest enthusiast media companies. AIM produces leading consumer and trade events, websites, magazines, and films and TV shows that reach 40 million readers, fans, and attendees in 85 countries.

AIM’s titles include Arts & Crafts Homes, Yoga Journal, Backpacker, Ski, Skiing, Warren Miller Films, Period Homes, Yachts International, Sail, Power & Motoryacht, American Cowboy, Practical Horseman, Log Home Living, Old House Journal and many more.

“The unique value that Active Interest Media brings to this project is a well-defined audience of high household income readers (average $193,744) that numbers in the millions each month,” says Rory Beglin, publisher of Woodshop News. “Active Interest Media’s customers are smart, engaged, and loyal, and they look to our brands for trustworthy information and services that will inspire and enable them to enjoy their passions.”

The site has a self-service design, meaning that you’ll have 24/7 access to load images from your portfolio. The site will have extensive search features pertaining to geography, styles, products and more. AIM will promote and host the site but will not profit or participate in any sales. All communication will be direct between the client and seller. However, AIM will profit from a yearly $499 subscription fee.

We’re currently developing an ad campaign to promote the site and enlisting a group of charter members to seed the site. Woodworkers Showcase will have its official launch at IWF 2018 in Atlanta. I encourage you to stop by our booth (B460) for a preview and more information about participating. 

This article originally appeared in the July 2018 issue.

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