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Windows 2009

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Nope, not Microsoft. But rather, I have a shop window, a woodworking window that has opened up. It'll slam shut next week, but until then it's mine to do whatever I want to with it.

I've just wrapped up my latest book – in fact, I just got back from FedExing the disk with the final manuscript to my publisher a few minutes ago. I've also taken care of two other woodworking-writing assignments that have been hanging over my head. Beginning early next week, however, I have to start on two new ones. But between now and then, the shop is mine. All mine.

The question is, what do I do? Like most woodworkers, I have a wish list of projects that I've wanted to do for myself. It's lengthy, and filled with things that I've promised that I'd treat myself to when I have the time.

Well, I have the time. Not a lot; say, 48 hours. Maybe 72 if I stretch it. Complicating my choices is the fact that the weatherman has predicted record warmth for this weekend, about 75 degrees tomorrow. It's tempting to get out and do something. Plus, the unseasonable warmth means that the whack job living across the street will be out with her lawnmower, and will sure use her leaf blower to give the entire street a good dusting for several hours. So I might just want to not only get out and do something, but get out of town and do something.

So, what to do – Hiking? Antiquing? Go do a museum? Maybe get the bicycles out of the shed, refill the tires, hop on and not come back till dark? I hear there's a huge Norman Rockwell exhibit up in Columbus, Ohio – about two hours away – that might make for a fun all-day outing.

But the siren song of the shop is calling, and I just don't know what to do with my window before it closes. Seems like no matter what I choose, I win.

What a lovely dilemma, huh?

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