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Weekend update

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Every so often I revisit older blogs to fill you in on what happened. The last time I did an update was around Christmas, so it’s time for another.

Window on the world
Here’s an update from just three days ago. After contacting a few contractors about installing my window, I learned that all those advertised installation prices were for replacement windows, not new ones. In other words, they come out and loosen the screws, pull out the old window, slip in the new one, and screw it in. That’s a job I could do (and have done) in an hour or so. The cost for a new installation was off the charts, so it looks like I’m going to do this one myself after all and save considerable money.

Woodsman, spare that tree
Yet another tree in my neighborhood met the axe a couple days ago, this one the most magnificent of all. This beautiful oak, nearly two feet in diameter, shaded an intersection a couple blocks away. No sightline obstructions hampering traffic, no overhead wires, no sidewalk damage, and no sign that repair work was being done to fix underground utilities. They were loading up chunks when I drove by, so I stopped and asked why. Their answer? The owner didn’t like it anymore.

Sneaking out
I got my well-earned hooky day. Went to see “The Three Stooges,” and it was excellent. Oddly, in the middle of the afternoon it was just me, a bunch of other old guys, and one wife who had apparently dragged been along. She didn’t laugh much. We old guys roared like knuckleheads.

Shop chores I’m procrastinating
I did all four of the chores – redid my lumber rack, thoroughly cleaned the shop, replaced all light bulbs (and even installed a new light fixture), and finished those cabinet doors. Busy me.

My wife’s $5 mistake
Remember that cheap little $5 cart I filled with clamps, which resulted in a sad, empty clamp rack on my wall? That wall rack’s not empty anymore.

Things to do in two-oh-one-two
In 2012’s first blog I listed eight items I wanted to do this year. With today being June 1, nearly half the year is gone. At least I’m making progress on the first item, getting that window, and I did finally get my estimated taxes for 2011 done (in March 2012), but the others will have to wait for the second half of the year.



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