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Weekend update

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I’ve been doing these blogs for a couple of months now, giving you all an insight into the exciting life of A.J. Hamler. After 40 bi-weekly visits, I thought it was time for an update.

Last time, I detailed my woes about locking a load of lumber in my car and not being able to get it out. Well, that faulty remote-control lock popped open again, allowing me unexpected access through the rear hatch. I got the lumber out and into the shop without incident. The rear hatch door has now returned to permanently unlocked status.

I never did get that steak on my birthday (“Wishes do come true”). It was raining so instead of steaks on the grill I did baby back ribs in the slow cooker. In retrospect, I’m glad it rained.

That 3/16” cherry stock I came across in the shop a couple weeks ago (”Lost and found”) has been put to use already. I used it to make a reproduction 19th-century folding mirror, and detailed the project for the book I’m working on. Speaking of which, the cut nails I bought in “Playin’ hooky” have also been put to use in a period five-board bench project for the book.

My entreaties in “Pet peeve” must have fallen on deaf ears, as I’m still seeing and hearing numerous utterances of the nonsensical term “pre-drill.” Aaack! Stop that!

I’ve managed not to do anything in the shop of a level of stupid that demanded relating here (see “Stupid, stupid” and, several weeks before that, “Stupid”). Not that I haven’t done anything stupid, just nothing of a magnitude worth writing about. Or admitting.

My wacky neighbor is truly into summer mode with her lawnmower (numerous mentions), but with a difference this year for some reason. She still takes three hours to mow a yard the size of a postage stamp, but she’s only mowing it every 36 to 48 hours this year. Must be the gas prices.

The new handle on my table saw fence (“Flying off the handle”) is performing marvelously. I turned it out of solid ebony, and it’s better and easier to use than the original that came on the fence. Looks real purty, too.

Dick Francis has a new novel coming out (“It’s in the book”). Don’t tell my wife, though; I want it to be a surprise.

And I finally did buy a new tool, in spite of the fact that I thought I had all the tools I needed and might never buy another (“Our parents were right”). I got a cast iron bed extension for my lathe. Don’t tell my wife, though; I don’t want it to be a surprise.
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Don’t forget I’m looking for input from any of you who’ve been to IWF in Atlanta, for an upcoming article in Woodshop News. What’s your best suggestion for someone attending the show? What worked well for you, and helped you cover the most ground in the least time? What are your tips for making the show fun? What is the number one not-to-be-missed aspect of IWF? E-mail ideas and suggestions to me at, along with your name and shop location (city and state), and I’ll include the best ones in my article.

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