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Judging from the thousands of calls and letters my staff gets, you’re all wondering “yeah, but then what?” with regards to several blogs this year. OK, here’s an update.

Consider it done
My new shop cabinets were done and added dozens of cubic feet of extra storage. It’s all filled up, and I need dozens of cubic feet of more storage.

I celebrated my 300th blog. This one brings me up to No. 369.

Turning a cheap tool into a decent one
I was thrilled to find that with a little tweaking and adjusting, the cheap scroll saw I bought was just perfect for my needs. Well, the cheap piece of junk broke.

A very positive review
I talked about seeing a table made by a reenactor who purchased my Civil War Woodworking book. Since then, I’ve seen several more projects from the book made by readers. Unfortunately, I’m seeing more of the projects being sold online by folks who copied them, then offered them for sale, claiming to have done the research themselves. Grrrrrr.

Win-win walnut
The first project from that walnut is a reproduction 19th-century shaving stand that will appear in my next book on Civil War projects.

Mouse repair 101
Used my shop air hose to clean my PC’s mouse, shattering it against the wall. Put it back together with duct tape. Guess what? It’s still working fine. 1n fAct, 1’m u$ing i+ r1ght n0w.

Broken record
The Consumer Product Safety Commission extended their deadline for comments on SawStop, and I did my best to shame you into making a cogent comment to the commission. Have you done so yet? Nope, didn’t think so.



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