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Trying to beat the heat

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I hate summer in the shop. It’s hot. You leave rust handprints everywhere. And, if you’re taking photos, you look like a mess.

We just had several 90-degree-plus days with outrageous humidity here and my shop was like an underwater oven. Yeah, I had the fan running full-tilt boogie, but it didn’t help much. I was getting the woodworking done, but my main goal was to get photos completed for a book chapter and no matter what I tried I couldn’t help but look like a sweaty pig. Reviewing the photos, I looked like a sweaty guy in those jungle woodshops you see on National Geographic specials. Call me vain, but I do not wish to look like that in print.

The best I could do was to redo the worst shots with a fresh shirt, but it almost immediately began to show sweat. So I didn’t wear a shirt when setting up the shots, and just hung it the lumber rack till I was ready to shoot. Then I’d towel off, slip the shirt on, take the shots, and get it off again before it needed wringing out. This worked fine, but it was still exhaustingly hot.

I was working at the assembly bench in the series of photos, and it occurred to me that I really didn’t need pants. And since no one was home I saw no reason not to pursue this solution, which worked amazingly well in spite of the fact that between shots I really did look like those guys on National Geographic. I’d have felt right at home if a water buffalo had wandered through the shop.

From time to time while working I go up to my office to check email and such. I do this all the time, but with the shop heat I found several reasons to take a break in my air-conditioned office throughout my photo shoot. This was pleasantly refreshing, until Sally came home early.

As she typically does, after putting down all her stuff she checks in with me wherever I’m working, shop or office, to say hi. So I’ll leave you with the mental picture of me at the computer enjoying the office coolness in all of my National Geographic glory.

And, no, there are no photos of that.



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