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Toys “R” Me

I’ve always thought of my woodshop as my personal play space, but it never occurred to me that it might be the same thing to someone else.

We’re enjoying a two-week visit from our grandson Jed, and as anyone who’s attempted to keep a six-year-old entertained will attest, it can be a full-time job. While I was out of the house the other day, he asked Grandma if she would help him with his Matchbox cars. He was trying to use magazines to make a ramp for the cars, as well as a handful of golf balls.

Naturally, Grandma knew where there were better things than magazines for ramps, so she ushered him down into my shop on a scavenging expedition for odds and ends and assorted raw materials. Here’s what he came up with:

AJBLOG-894 image

Like I said, I wasn’t home at the time, and while I would usually have frowned upon anyone scrounging through my shop stuff for playthings, I had to admit the little guy was pretty creative with what he found. I always have fun in my shop, but I’m beginning to think I’ve been playing with the wrong things.

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