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It’s not always a case of, “You can’t have enough clamps.” Sometimes it’s just about finding the clamps you already have.

It’s now been a full year since we moved to a new home, and about eight months since I started setting up my new shop. It’s been an effort getting it done, not least because we still have boxes that are unpacked.

Sometimes, a box is opened, and the contents examined, but a decision is made to deal with that box later. Now, multiply that by dozens of such boxes we have stored. Invariably, when you go to look for something you just know you saw it in one box or another, can’t remember which one, and give up till later. Later came earlier this week when, while looking for something else entirely, I stumbled across this:

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That there is the last batch of missing clamps. They’re all small ones, so it’s not surprising they’d be at the bottom of a box filled with miscellaneous odds and ends. And, while not the last of many smallish woodshop items I still haven’t been able to locate, I now have a full complement of clamps. Do I have enough, though? Of course, not.

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