Temporarily permanent

Woodworkers build temporary and permanent shop fixtures. Sometimes, though, they can be both.

To make my miter saw easier to use I wanted an outfeed support table, so I started making one about two months ago. It was a low-priority project, and due to other things I haven’t been able to finish it till now.

My shop’s too cramped for a dedicated miter saw station, so my thought was to make a fixture I could temporarily set up and then remove to accommodate a spindle sander and a large disc sander sharing the same space. When I needed that support I could just drop it into place in registration holes drilled into the countertop, use it, then remove it to access the more frequently used sanders.

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But since it’s taken so long to finish it, I found out something – it fits neatly underneath the disc sander’s cast iron table and isn’t in the way at all. And, with the sander up against the back of the support table, it’s plenty close to the front of the countertop to use it normally, too. In fact, for the last two months I’ve used the miter saw and both sanders repeatedly, and haven’t had to adjust or move anything.

I can still remove it in seconds if necessary – that’s how it was designed – so I’ve decided just to leave it in place pretty much all the time. That wasn’t my intention; it just worked out that way.

Wish I could make that kind of luck permanent.



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