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Temporarily out of service

It’s the oldest power tool I have, and after many years of good service it’s earned a rest at last.

I mentioned a few blogs back that I was about to retire my trusty Porter-Cable 690 router. That router was one of the best tools I ever got, and I didn’t have to own it long before learning why the 690 is such a classic. It served me well for 25 years. Yes, I got it in 1997, which I remember not because of a good memory, but because that was the same year I started at Woodshop News.

But it’s been getting louder, and the odd noises it’s making don’t sound good. So, after one last routing chore yesterday, I pulled it out of its longtime home in my router table.

AJBLOG-1026 image

I don’t have any kind of expertise at motors or electrical tool innards, but I’m guessing a tool repair guy could tune it up, replace what needs replacement and add more years to its life. And I intend to do exactly that, but in the meantime I’ve popped in a replacement while I continue to work.

I’ll miss that PC 690 if for no other reason than it started its professional woodworking life about the same time I did.

Can’t get to it right now, but I will find a repair shop to take it to, probably this spring. When that happens, I’ll welcome that 690 back into my shop and give it its old job back.

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