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Stamp of disapproval

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The post office is stopping Saturday delivery. I understand the reasons, but I won’t be a happy about it – and neither will thousands of other small-business people.

I love getting mail. I wait for the mailman’s arrival like the family dog. Only difference is that I don’t go into a barking frenzy for five minutes and then, my job done, turn around three times and lay down. From a more practical aspect, because I do business from my home I depend on the mail.

Sure, I do a ton of my work online (yes, I’ve helped bring down the post office and am partially responsible for them canceling Saturday delivery), but much of the really important stuff, like mailing signed contracts and receiving checks, is all done the old fashioned way through the U.S. Mail. Canceling Saturday delivery means that if an expected check I’m desperately waiting for doesn’t come on Friday, I have to wait till Monday to get it.

Worse, throw in a Monday holiday and I have to wait 96 hours – four days – to receive that check. My banking and finances aren’t always so tight that those extra days would make a negative difference, but sometimes that’s the way it happens. And at those times adding another day, or two days given my Monday holiday scenario, could really have a really detrimental impact.

There’s no real solution here, of course. The U.S. Mail is dying as communication shifts overwhelmingly online, and there’s no more cure for that than trying to save the buggy-whip makers a century ago. Cutting a day of delivery is as logical as it is painful, but there has to be a better way of addressing it that doesn’t cause so much potential harm to small business. A friend, who also does business from home, suggested that canceling Wednesday delivery would make more sense, since it would prevent a Monday holiday from causing a four-day gap in mail delivery. He may be right.

Sure, I’m whining here. But once again small business takes it on the chin.

And you know, that gets old after a while.



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