Squirreled away

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I talked last time about hidden things I know about. Earlier this week I came across something hidden that I’d forgotten even existed.

It stands to reason that having a larger shop means there are more places to squirrel things away, and it’s true. Unfortunately, with more storage capacity it also means there are more hiding places. Lots and lots of hiding places; many of them unintentional.

While moving boxes around in my main storage room, I came across some wood I didn’t know I had. I bought three book-matched sets nearly 10 years ago, used two, and saved the last set for “a special project.” The trouble with doing that is that once it’s put away you invariably forget you have it.

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Those book-matched pieces of spalted maple were sandwiched between between two boxes, where I probably put them back when we first moved into our new home. They took up little room there, and at a casual glance it just looked like stacked boxes. But now that I’ve found them again, I have an overwhelming need to start that “special project” for them. Of course, I can’t remember what that was.

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