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South Bend introduces woodworking machinery

South Bend, the long-time manufacturer of high-end metalworking machines and accessories, is expanding into the woodworking market.

The company, founded in 1906, has introduced a 16” band saw, 37” wide belt sander, 8” parallelogram jointer, belt/disc sander, and downdraft table.

“South Bend began as a manufacturer of metalworking lathes, supporting a wide variety of industries, from the U.S. Armed Forces and Naval ships, to scientific labs, to small industrial shops, and everything in between,” according to the company. “By 1930, South Bend produced nearly 50 percent of all engine lathes in the United States and went on to serve 88 countries.

“Under the new ownership of [Grizzly Industrial founder] Shiraz Balolia, South Bend has surged in sales and expanded its selection of high-end metalworking machines and accessories to include mills, surface grinders, and more. Now, South Bend enters the woodworking market with a handful of high-end machines, with plans to release more of this line-up by the end of 2021.”

Those plans include a 24” band saw; 15”, 20” and 25” planers; multiple cyclone dust collectors, gear-head drill presses, spindle shapers, variable-speed grinders, and table saws.

We’ll have more coverage in a future issue.

AWFS adds Tool Tour

Registration has opened for the 2021 AWFS in Las Vegas (see story, Page 8), which will have a new Tool Tour of manufacturers and suppliers of hand tools, power tools and small equipment.

“Although technology and advanced equipment is a key focal point of the AWFS Fair, we have had many of our attendees request to see an expanded emphasis on power tool and small equipment manufacturers. These products are used daily, by nearly every shop in our industry. We believe the Tool Tour is a great way to highlight these products, especially the industry’s newest offerings, while also adding a fun element for exhibitors and buyers alike,” said Brian Joyce, trade show chair for AWFS.

More than a magazine

It’s true. Woodshop News is way more than the most awesome monthly trade magazine on the planet.

We’ve built a comprehensive news feed on Twitter and Facebook, complete with breaking news and exclusive content from our staff. Just about anything a shop will ever need can be found through our online Resource Guide at, where you can sign up for our weekly e-newsletter. And we can help increase sales through Woodworkers’ Showcase, our marketing site that connects custom makers with high-end buyers. We’re running a free trial at

Yeah, there’s a lot going on. 

This article was originally published in the March 2021 issue.

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South Bend adds woodworking machines

South Bend, a manufacturer of high-end metalworking machines and accessories, is expanding into the woodworking market.

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