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Size up your sales rep for good service

Your coating representative is the conduit through which your needs are communicated to distributors and manufacturers

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There are great cabinetmakers, turners, carvers, designers and builders of all sorts. Most of them are not great finishers - or even very good and confident finishers. Why not?

I think there are several reasons, starting with the fact that finishing is not so "obvious" as woodworking in general. A joint fits or it doesn't. Measurements can be easily made and verified. Most of what happens in a finishing system is based on invisible processes. So, to many, finishing is somewhat mysterious. When a woodworker, often through painful trial and error, learns to use a few products together to produce an acceptable finish, he may quit learning there. At least he would like to.

But problems arise. Sometimes he didn't take into account the effect of different temperature, of different air movement, humidity, age of the product, sanding of the wood, moisture content of the wood, or myriad other variables he did not know were important.

Sometimes the woodworker wants to produce a superior finish, to meet competitive challenges, to satisfy the needs of a client or a market, to comply with ever-changing regulations or to grow his business or his profits.

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