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Sitting on the bench

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A minor, not-shop-related injury has me sidelined, and I’m not enjoying it at all. I’m hating it, in fact.

Last week my wife broke a glass. She disposed of it in the kitchen trashcan, but didn’t mention it. I came along an hour later, went to push some trash down and you can guess what happened. The cut was deep, but narrow, and required only three stitches to close. However, the stitches are between knuckles on the back of my hand, at a spot where flexing my hand in almost any way pulls those stitches precariously.

There are two halves to everything I do – half in the shop and half sitting in front of a computer. Usually, I have enough going on that I can do one or the other to move things along, but right now I absolutely need to be in the shop, not here at the keyboard.

Hoping a few days of healing would be enough, I tried working in the shop over the weekend. Bad move. One of the stitches pulled free and set the cut to bleeding somewhat profusely. Some secondary sewing set it right again, but I just can’t be doing something that flexes my hand right now, so shop work is simply out of the question at least till the end of the week.

Any other time, and I’d enjoy the break. I might even consider it a vacation, something I rarely take these days. And, sure, I have some office work I can do, too. But where I really need to be right now is out there in the shop. But I can’t, and it’s not only driving me crazy that I can’t get some essential up-against-deadline work done, but making me very cranky as well.

It’s probably a good idea to avoid me right now.

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