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Show and tell

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There are lots of woodworking shows, but this week is the year’s biggest: IWF Atlanta. What do these shows mean to you and how/why are they important to how you work?

From local or regional shows that attract but a few hundred, to the biggies like IWF Atlanta and AWFS in Las Vegas that draw thousands, there’s something for everyone. I rather like the regional ones for their relaxed nature, plus that’s where I often find tool and supply bargains. On the other hand, for seeing the absolute latest in woodworking technology there’s just no better experience than IWF or AWFS.

But I’d like to know what you get out of them, both professionally and on a personal level. How do they make your woodworking business grow or work more profitably and efficiently? Are they welcome diversions for getting out of the shop, or mandatory excursions essential to how you work? (Or, for that matter, both?)

A lot of you are probably already on your way to Atlanta, and I certainly hope to hear from you with fresh impressions of what the experience was like and how it relates to your woodworking. For the rest of you staying home from this particular show, tell about the ones you do go to and what the experience means to you and your shop. Of course, if you don’t go to any shows, I’d like to hear from you, too – why don’t you go?

As they say, it’s showtime, folks.


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