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Should it stay or go?

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Getting ready for our big move I have lots of decisions. Chief among them: Do I take the big machines, or sell them and buy replacements at our new place?

There are still several weeks to go before our closing and when I can start on my new shop, so this will be the last time I talk about it for a while. But as we prepare for our move I have to wonder if it makes sense to move everything. On the one hand, if I move it I’ll have it from day one at the new place. Simple decision. Or maybe not.

Moving many pounds and cubic feet of machinery ain’t cheap, and we could save moving costs if I cut back on some steel and cast iron. Also, unless movers are familiar with woodworking tools (or will tolerate my supervision at every step), there’s a chance it won’t be carried and handled correctly. For that matter just getting, say, my table saw ready to move would be a huge job – removing wings, outfeed and router-table extensions, securing things, etc., would take considerable time at both ends of the trip. Selling a few big tools here, then buying replacements might make sense.

On the other hand, replacements will cost more than my current tools (unless I get smaller or lesser machines as replacements). Then there’s the issue of delivery: If I move my current tools, the movers will carry them into my new shop and put them right where I want them without me having to lift a finger. Will I find a vendor at our new location who would do that?

There are several other pros and cons for both sides, and you can be certain I’ll be considering them all in the month ahead.



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