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Shortcuts, part II

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Last time I talked about some misgivings I had for taking what I considered to be a shortcut on a project. Well, three days later I can honestly say I made the right choice.

To review, I chose a somewhat easier route than I had originally intended for one of the projects for my book. The new project was more timely, a better choice for the readership, and saved some time, but it was that last aspect that nagged at me: I couldn’t shake the feeling I was just taking the easy way out to get the project done at warp speed so I could make my deadline.

Well, the project is nearly complete and has turned out magnificent. I’m very glad I made the choice. Although a bit simpler that the original project joinery-wise, there’s still a lot of challenging work here for the reader. The end result is handsome, even though it uses Douglas fir instead of the cherry I had bought for the original design. It calls for the use of nails, and because those nails are period-correct cut nails, I have the opportunity to introduce a bit of historical woodworking education to the project as well. That’s especially fitting for a book of Civil War-related projects, which is, after all, the whole point.

In all, a lot of great results from a single decision I’m glad I made.

Oh yeah… And it saved me some valuable time.

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