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This time last week, it wasn’t this time next week. Thanks to George Hudson (not Ben Franklin), Daylight Saving Time began this weekend and I couldn’t be happier.

I love Daylight Saving Time. When it starts to get dark my brain, and all the necessary things I need it to control, tends to go sleepy-bye. But when there’s sun out there I’m inclined to get a lot more work done in the shop. Out of the shop, the extra hour means I can hike or bicycle an hour later. If I’m driving in the evening I can see where I’m going. And I grill a lot in the summer – at least two or three times a week – so it means I’m not grilling in the dark.

When I was younger I didn’t care what the clock said or how dark it got, I could work any time at all, especially when it was dark. My first full-time radio job was the 6 p.m. to midnight shift, and I loved it. Eating supper at one in the morning was fine with me, as was getting up at the crack of noon.

But now that I’m older that seems to have reversed. I don’t really sleep in much anymore, and so I start to get tired in the evening. But when DST gives the sun an adjustment every March, my getting-tired clock adjusts with it. If it’s dark after supper, my body says the day is over. But when it’s still light after supper, I seem to have the energy to get back out into the shop for “just a little more work.” Once out there, though, I develop a working rhythm that tends to keep my getting-tired clock at bay. DST only gives me a single literal extra hour, but once I’m back to work I often get an additional several hours of work time in. And I love every productive minute of it.

Some don’t like DST. They complain that kids go to school in the dark, but so what? All their cell phones have flashlight apps, so they’re fine. Farmers don’t like it because it confuses the cows, and they all whine to the farmers about what time they have to perform their various cow duties. I like to think I’m a bit more evolved than allowing a cow to dictate what time I set on my clocks.

Besides, with the extra hour of daylight, those cows will be on my grill soon enough.



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